Super rad clubmumble.com digital watch collaboration, if you've not heard of it yet get on it!! clubmumble.com is a weblog featuring influences of contemporary art, skateboarding and street culture. The brainchild of Bob Kronbauer and now over 120 contributors strong....

Bonus! a portion of every watch sale is going to the contributor campaign which is focused on giving skateboards to underprivileged youth across Canada. Each watch comes with a badge that you should wear proudly stating "I am a contributor"

“work smarter,not harder” engraved on watch back, a motto we should all strive to fulfill!

* 1980’s style white LCD unisex wrist watch
* bling gold buttons, clasp and watch back
* stopwatch and alarm features
* hourly chime, 12/24 hours selectable
* "Somewhat" Water-resistant with PVC strap (don't shower or surf with it)
* comes in clear plastic case with a 1 inch "I am a Contributor" button
* face dimensions: 1 1/4” x 1 1/8”
* colours: white w/ black face or white w/grey face
* will fit wrists up to 8 inches in diameter

Note: as part of our "edition" series, these limited run items are working "experiments" and/or "collaborations" whose materials and processes allow us to "play" with new ideas and concepts. Due to their limited nature they are only available online and very select retailers and sell out quickly.


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