We've teamed up with our good buddies at Holiday Matinee to give you a place to jot down all your inspirational ideas with these 3 packs of blank, unlined notepads. Featuring the best moto ever on the cover (and something we try to do everyday) "Love your Work, Work your Love (and repeat)"

Sample Picture of Sketches courtesy of NYC artist Leah Goren
for more images of what people do with their freelancers check the flickr gallery here

Holiday Matinee is obsessed with good design, social responsibility and promoting creativity. Established in 1999, they live by the motto: Love your work, work your love. Go check them out at

Note: as part of our "edition" series, these limited run items are working "experiments" and/or "collaborations" whose materials and processes allow us to "play" with new ideas and concepts. Due to their limited nature they are only available online and very select retailers and sell out quickly.


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