So you wanna make your own set of Bluetooth speakers, why not! here's everything you need to do it yourself minus the casing that you will build to give it a home.

Pictured are examples of DIY models by: (feel free to contact them if you are interested in their work!)

Image 2: Downloadable Cardboard template by Matt Nicholson
Image 3:Evan Melnyk
Image 4:aaron Daley
Image 5:Phil Savard


- 5 watt class "D" stereo audio amplifier
- 2 fullrange 2" magnetically shielded speakers
- Full Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR compatibility
- Auxiliary 1/8" audio line in (for non-bluetooth connectivity)
- 9v wall adapter included (110V/220V with North America Plug)
- rechargable battery, allows for up to 8 hours of "wireless" use

Photographed by: Julie Langenegger Lachance

hacks/mods/tricks (feel free to send us any of your own)
- Rad upgraded Danish High end substitute speakers at Parts express
- Nice looking free Iphone app that lets you tweak your eq to get the best sound from your DIY kit called EQu


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