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ALBA "Media Edition"- DARK
New and improved version of our bestselling "Alba" Alarm clock with updated features such as:

* Solid wood casing handmade in Montreal, Canada.
* Finished with environmentally responsible, low VOC water based varathane
* Mahogany Wood stained with Water Based Analine Dye
* Smoked Acrylic Face
* Soft Tactile silicone buttons
* Non-Slip Silicone base with debossed graphic
* Built in Audio amplifier and speaker (for 1/8" input source such as
ipod©/iphone©, walkman©, mp3 player or computer)
* Simple built in alarm with snooze function
* Wall transformer with interchangeable adapters (works with CAN,US,UK,EU and AUS plugs)
* Freely downloadable ipod©/iphone© application to allow you to wake to your own music or sounds with purchase (to redeem see instructions)
* 10 stage dimmable display
* Larger LED display

Images by: Simon Duhamel

dimensions: 6” x 6” x 2.5”


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