ALBA "Media Edition"- BARNWOOD

Using the wood we salvaged from an over 100 year old barn in Quebec, Canada we tore down with our good buddies we made a limited run of these clocks. We teamed up with Oli and Mer at Magasin General Bruxe Magasin General Bruxe to make it happen! (Most of the other salvaged wood went to make the fixtures for their boutique!) We did a limited run of 14 clocks, 6 available at their physical location and the rest here at our online site.

* 100 Year old barnwood casing!
* Textured,raw finish with natural "flaws"
* Numbered Certificate of Ownership included.
* Laser etched series number and logo on Back of Clock
* Metal Speaker Grill.
* Soft Tactile silicone buttons
* Non-Slip Silicone base with debossed graphic
* Built in Audio amplifier and speaker (for 1/8" input source such as
ipod©/iphone©, walkman©, mp3 player or computer)
* Simple built in alarm with snooze function
* Wall transformer with interchangeable adapters (works with CAN,US,UK,EU and AUS plugs)
* Freely downloadable ipod©/iphone© application to allow you to wake to your own music or sounds with purchase (to redeem see instructions)
* 10 stage dimmable display
* Larger LED display

dimensions: 6” x 6” x 2.5”


Promotional Video CLICK HERE
Listen to the alarm by CLICKING HERE
Instructional videos viewable by CLICKING HERE


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