Started a little over 10 years ago Furni began as a "custom" furniture operation. Back then we cashed in our unemployment cheques and, tired of working for the "man", decided to go it alone. Using our first deposit cheque to pay for tools we managed to rent a small shop and dig in.....lucky for us Devins cabinet making skills and my interest in simple, modern design got us a good start. These days see a shift in focus as I (Mike Giles) have become the sole owner and am more into exploring and creating my own designs, I am still very hands on, from picking the rough lumber all the way to staining, finishing, boxing and shipping the final product. A simple one man operation proud of the flexibility and control it gives me over the end product. If you guys keep on buying I will keep on creating!

À propos de la compagnie

Le tout a commencé il y a environ 6 ans par Devin Barrette et moi (Mike Giles). Furni a commencé en tant que manufacturier de mobilier sur mesure. On avait décidé de prendre cette décision car on en avait assez de travailler pour le ‘’Mr.’’ Avec nos premiers chèques d’assurance emploi, on s’est acheté quelques outils et on a loué un petit espace de travail. Les talents d’ébéniste de Devin et mon savoir limité du design nous ont donné un bon coup d’envoi. Aujourd’hui, nous passons de plus en plus de temps à explorer et créer nos propres designs. Nous faisons tout de A à Z, du bois brut jusqu'à la finition. Nous nous occupons aussi de l’emballage et des envois. Nous ne sommes que 2, mais nous apprécions le contrôle et la flexibilité que cela procure sur le produit final. Si vous continuez d’acheter, nous allons continuer de créer!

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"Pretty soon the world is going to be one big homogenized pile of retail poo. Seriously, this cookie cutter shit is getting out of control—I think i know about 10 people with the same freaking ikea TV stand. Sure, it looks decent and all, but why not go for something more original? Furni Creations, a Montreal-based design company, are flipping some sweet contemporary furnishings for your abode."
- BPM Magazine, Los Angeles USA, Page 23, May 2006.

"Mike Giles and Devin Barrette formed Furni as a backlash to homogenized lifestyle options. Making short-run, hand crafted furnishings, the standout quality of Furni is not only the great finish but the skateboarding titles of their products. Near legendary LA based skater and artist is immortalized as an acrylic and beech veneered magazine rack, hardman Mike Vallely is a toilet roll holder and innovative Rodney Mullen is a rather nice wall mounted clock. The contemporary and clean lined designs will suit the taste of infamously fickle skaters and many modern consumers"
-MIX Future Interiors, London UK, Page 90, Colour Trends 2007

"Montreal based design company Furni creates limited-run handmade furnishings that will seperate your pad from the Ikea crowd"
- STRUT Magazine, Toronto CANADA, Page 186, Spring 2006.

"In a city rapidly oversaturated with big box stores selling every cheap household accessory imported from China, it is only fitting that two unemployed Montrealers would start a killer furniture company called Furni.........Furni makes fine crafted tables, lamps and multiple home accessories that are both elegant and simple but not pretentious. They design and build most everything themselves in Montreal and out of reverence to their idols they name each piece after famous skateboarders from the 80’s"
- MIRROR Magazine, Montreal CANADA, Page 37, Jan 2006.